5 Smooth Stones

"A haven for the real Jews(Israelites) in exile all over the planet taking on form and shape as a nation again." Awake Zion put on thy strength.

Welcome to the new home of the 5 Smooth Stones.  May The Father impart to you these five revelations we call 5 Smooth Stones that have blessed listeners all over the world, literally. Thanks for signing up.  All people are welcomed here.    Please check out everything, start with "What is 5 Smooth Stones."    More is yet to come,  this site is under construction .        Shalom/Peace

Restoration of the lost tribes of Israel

This site is 100% for the restoration of this planet by the kingdom of Yahweh principles. We believe one of our missions in this giant process is identifying  and helping restore a remnant of the 12 lost tribes of  Israel (real Jews).  This work is vital and is spoken of throughout the scriptures.  Remember my friend Israel's plight will repeat forever (Deu. 28:46) good or evil, generations after generations. Keeping this in mind, the scriptures declares in Ezekiel 37  Israel will be resurrected (dry bones) and a remnant will be pivotal in end time events (Rev. 7:4,  Rom.11,etc...).  Furthermore the real Israelites are in exile worldwide they're unaware of their true identity Ez. 20:33-38(and many other scriptures), and have accepted  false identities,  for this reason they suffer beyond comprehension whose  identity and culture is in need of a spiritual facelift.   We say  to you oh scattered Israel  "AWAKE ZION PUT ON THY STRENGTH."   

                          AWAKE ZION PUT ON THY STRENGTH  !!!

Rom. 11:1 (KJV) Hath  Yahweh  cast away his people (or Is he no longer dealing with them) ? 

Rom. 11:5 (KJV) Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.  


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