5 Smooth Stones

"A haven for the real Jews(Israelites) in exile all over the planet taking on form and shape as a nation again." Awake Zion put on thy strength.

Who We Are

AShalom, my name is Brother Seth I simply am your brother.  I am the visionary for Five Smooth Smooth Stones.  This website and any information associated with it has one main objective with several forums to accomplish this main objective.  This objective is to bring the listeners  in a closer awareness of the Father's love for all people and his presence in our life, simply put.

Although a minister called in 1982 to the gospel in the C.O.G.I.C I wasn't given the specific message of that calling until 1988,  this message has five subjects or topics I call "Five Smooth Stones."   Five Smooth Stones is five messages that resulted from the five questions I asked the Most High after attending the Southwest Believers Convention in 1988.    The year prior I kept  hearing several  ministries declaring that "God was getting  ready to put his word in the black man like never before and the first is going to be last and the last is going to be first."   After hearing this at that convention  I  (a black man) alone with many  other ethnic groups rejoiced greatly to hear such good news.  However, later I felt this message sounded racist toward other ethnic groups, so I prayed about this message that disturbed me inwardly.    Kenneth Copeland the leader of this convention preached the same word again in 1988,  then added  that he had something else to tell black people that's gonna bless them so much  but he just can't share it right now.   During the previous 12 months between August 1987-1988 was a time of awakening to racism in the churches for me, so after this time frame I began to not trust white ministers to tell black people the truth about  their destiny or who they were as a people.  So I became grieved in my spirit after the 1988 convention message so much so it drove me to pray earnestly and deeply  from the heart ,  and I asked the Father the  following (not in this order):

1)  "Father what is with you using the black man, this sound racist toward whites and others.  What if others seek you with their heart , are you gonna ignore them and only bless  blacks ??  "

2)  I also prayed  "Can I understand the book of revelations ??   I  can't trust these racist white ministers to tell me about end time prophecies  they will not tell the whole truth. "

3) I also prayed "What is really going on ??    I keep hearing things about secret societies and something called masons  and that some wars are planned years in advance , what is really going on??   Father I can't trust NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc...they're not telling us everything. What is really going on??   "

4)  I also prayed  "It doesn't matter to me what color Christ was?  Right now I believe he is blonde hair, blue eyes, however whatever his color is it won't hinder how I worship, but out of curiously was there anyone in the bible that look like me (black people)."

5)  I also prayed "Can I see the world I  didn't ask to be in the USA."      (I wanted to travel the world to get a different perspective).    

                                          ~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~    ~~~~~     ~~~~~~~

Since then, the Father has answered me. It is his will that we hear his prophets all over the world.  I've been to 24 countries and counting.  Seeing the countries isn't  the biggest blessing though,  it's who I've meet  during the journeys, especially the annual trips to  Israel from 2001 to 2008.  In addition to him answering the travel question and allowing me to see those countries  five answers or revelations came  from the remaining four questions, they are as follows (not in this order) : 

                                  Question.   Father Is there anyone in the bible that look like black people? 

Answer  #1  Real Jews (Israelite)- I was given the revelation of who the  real Jew (Israelite) is and the fact the entire bible is vastly a book of people of color,  period !!!  

Answer #2  Leprosy- I Was given the revelation that white skin is a mutation of darker skin and that it's origin is Albinism and Vitiligo which in biblical days was one type of Leprosy.  This type of Leprosy was cursed according to the Leviticus law and a result of darker skin people sinning. This message proves we are all one flesh, one family originating from dust colored people. (Gen. 2:7)  

                                      Question.  Father what is with you using the black man in this end time?

ANSWER #3  White Supremacy- I Was given the revelation of white supremacy that has many whites ministers and some black ministers bound up who will not preach against white supremacist based doctrines in the church.   Even messages that will liberate all people by declaring the fact that the entire bible is full of dust colored brown people, and that the people the Father placed in the garden of Eden that rule the earth up until recently were very dark skin people. Therefore,  the Most High cannot and will not use them.   In a nutshell this is why the movement will be vastly people of color.  The lies and evils of white supremacy start at the churches and filters into every tiny aspect of society worldwide. 

                             Both Questions.  Father what is really going on?  and Father can

                                                      I understand the book of Revelation? 

ANSWER  # 4  New World Order- I Was given the revelation of various spiritual warfare going on all around us.  Then exposing the New World Orders and Illuminati the counterfeit to the Kingdom of Yahweh that's coming.  This includes the knowledge of Mystery Babylon being USA, etc.,.....                               and finally, 


Look for a coming Intro video on the site to give a more detailed explanation of the Five Smooth Stones .                                             (THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION)